High-quality clothes thanks to the use of modern technology of combining two or three layers of clothing with each other, the purpose of which is to improve the comfort of wearing while providing protection against changing weather conditions. Thanks to the Softshell technology, you can stay in various weather conditions for a long time without the need to constantly change clothes and risk cooling down or overheating. Clothes made in Softshell technology are characterized by low weight


Softshell fabric is a combination of two or three layers of materials. The task of the outer layer is to prevent water saturation. The inner layer is designed to keep you warm, it is usually a micro fleece lining. The third layer is a membrane placed between the inner and outer layers that allows moisture to escape to the outside. An additional task of the membrane is protection against wind.


Each product made in the Softhshell technology is characterized by the following parameters: breathability and water resistance, which indicate the quality of the membrane used.


Products made in Softshell technology are intended both for practicing extreme sports and working in unusual conditions.


Familiarize yourself with the technologies we use to produce our clothing!

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