L.Hollman quality
The technology, which is the key to achieving the best possible results in meeting the needs of our customers, is developed by people whose experience and dedication have always contributed and continues to contribute to the creation of the best and most durable L.Hollman brand products. We are proud to bring you closer to the technology that ensures L.Hollman products are best in class.
We remember that in addition to safety, comfort is very important - we successfully combine these features in our products. We have created a number of technologies that contribute to the fact that our products are even more willingly worn by our customers!
Each of our products is manually checked and tested by a group of highly qualified experts in the field of control and quality. Thanks to this, our customers can be sure that the product they get their hands on is of the highest quality and will certainly meet their expectations. We offer products for extreme tasks and exceptional people. Feel safety and comfort! L.Hollman: Only the best have a long history.

Extreme Tasks are a challenge for us!

High Technology Fabric(HTF)

is a fabric manufacturing technology that ensures, on the one hand, extraordinary durability, and, on the other hand, a very high comfort of wearing products made of materials made in this technology.


it is not only the type of material, but also the method of its preparation for production and chemical finishing in the last stage of material production. HTF is also a unique method of making weaves of threads for clothes with the use of an outer cotton surface, in order to increase the strength of the fabric by applying a finish to the outer surface.

Finishing standards

Depending on the version of the finish, the outer surface is made of polyester, which provides very high strength, water resistance, resistance to grease and oils, or of 100% cotton. The inner surface is made of cotton for great wearing comfort.

HTF fabric

Thanks to the application of a finish, the finish provides increased resistance to water and oils.

The outer layer is made of polyester, while the inner one is cotton - ensuring high wearing comfort.

made of cotton.

Easy-Fit System(EFS)

It provides freedom of movement and a great fit in any situation.


Comfort and convenience of use is ensured by an elastic insert hidden under the belt, allowing it to adjust to your movements. Regardless of whether you are standing, walking, sitting or kneeling down, you can always feel at ease and nothing restricts your movements.

Easy-Fit System(EFS) is a guarantee of convenience!


QCT he puts the convenience and comfort of users first, while ensuring the highest level of quality.

It is possible thanks to:

careful and thorough design of each new product

and many tests carried out before the product is launched for sale

These tests are intended to confirm and ensure that our customers will be satisfied with the assortment offered by L.Hollman.

QCT it also means continuous quality monitoring on production lines - our experienced quality experts manually check each product. Thanks to this, our customers can be sure that the product they get their hands on is of the highest quality and will certainly meet their expectations.

QCT it also means continuous quality monitoring on production lines

QCT it is continuous improvement of processes to make the next product even better.

High-quality clothes thanks to the use of modern technology of combining two or three layers of clothing with each other, the purpose of which is to improve the comfort of wearing while providing protection against changing weather conditions. Thanks to the Softshell technology, you can stay in various weather conditions for a long time without the need to constantly change clothes and risk cooling down or overheating. Clothes made in Softshell technology are characterized by low weight


Softshell fabric is a combination of two or three layers of materials. The task of the outer layer is to prevent water saturation. The inner layer is designed to keep you warm, it is usually a micro fleece lining. The third layer is a membrane placed between the inner and outer layers that allows moisture to escape to the outside. An additional task of the membrane is protection against wind.


Each product made in the Softhshell technology is characterized by the following parameters: breathability and water resistance, which indicate the quality of the membrane used.


Products made in Softshell technology are intended both for practicing extreme sports and working in unusual conditions.

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