High Technology Fabric(HTF)

is a fabric manufacturing technology that ensures, on the one hand, extraordinary durability, and, on the other hand, a very high comfort of wearing products made of materials made in this technology.


it is not only the type of material, but also the method of its preparation for production and chemical finishing in the last stage of material production. HTF is also a unique method of making weaves of threads for clothes with the use of an outer cotton surface, in order to increase the strength of the fabric by applying a finish to the outer surface.

Finishing standards

Depending on the version of the finish, the outer surface is made of polyester, which provides very high strength, water resistance, resistance to grease and oils, or of 100% cotton. The inner surface is made of cotton for great wearing comfort.

HTF fabric

Thanks to the application of a finish, the finish provides increased resistance to water and oils.

The outer layer is made of polyester, while the inner one is cotton - ensuring high wearing comfort.

made of cotton.


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