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We approach the needs and requirements of our clients with due care and diligence, using the best market practices to treat them honestly and openly. Therefore, in order to ensure your safety and convenience, as well as the best possible experience, if you have not changed your browser settings while using our website, we will save cookies on your computers.

What are cookies?

Nowadays, virtually every website uses cookie technology (commonly known as cookies) - these are small text files in which user settings or identifiers can be saved. They are created by the web browser you use and depending on the settings, some of them may remain on the device also after closing the browser.

The next time you visit from the same computer, the browser can check whether a specific cookie has been previously saved for the page and send the data contained therein back to the server that serves the page that saved the cookie. Thanks to this, it is possible to recognize that you have visited our website before and in some cases it will be possible to adjust the content to your needs and preferences.


The benefits of cookies

The cookie technology facilitates and improves the use of previously visited websites - e.g. on a given device it is possible to remember the preferences and settings that you specified during the previous visit.

None of the cookies we use on the website collect information that can identify you or other sensitive information.

Storage management, control and deletion of cookies.

Changing the way cookies are used by the browser is possible from the browser settings. It is possible to block, delete as well as allow those from pages (and other websites).

The vast majority of browsers available on the market offer options to automatically accept, reject some or all types of cookies, or to inform the user each time a website tries to use this technology. It is also possible to manually delete cookies that have been previously saved on a given device.

The method of managing and deleting files depends on the particular web browser and differs between browsers from different vendors. Detailed information on this subject can be obtained by using the help function of a given browser, or by visiting the website:, where you can find step-by-step instructions on how to control and delete cookies, mostly available on the website. browser market.

Please be advised that blocking all cookies from may lead to difficulties and errors in operation or completely prevent the use of some of the functionalities of our website.

Information about cookies

This website uses cookies to ensure better user experience. By using this website, you consent to our use of all cookies in accordance with the terms of our cookie policy.

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